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I mean, really.

I mean, really.

Selling a lifestyle

You might think that those who work in advertising/marketing/creative wouldn’t be easily swayed by advertising/marketing/creative. But to me, it happens everyday. Most recently when I was shopping for glasses. Here’s how it happened: I ordered three pairs to try on at home, for free, from Rivet & Sway. First, the packaging. It doesn’t really get any better than this. (Did I mention the shipping and ordering of this free trial was FREE?!) This was how I was greeted:


Then, a lovely surprise under each pair.


Here’s a closeup.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.56.00 PM

After swabbing the drool from my desk, I tried on each pair. Truth be told, I was on the fence. I liked them, but wasn’t sure if I loved them. I wore each pair around for a day before I had to make my decision. Little did I know my fate would be sealed after one visit to Rivet and Sway’s website. I was suddenly and hopelessly swept off my feet by some well-written web content. (Having written web content myself, I KNOW how ridiculous that sounds.) But, this is a brand that knows its target market. See for yourself.

The Look

Whether it’s Babs singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade!,” Liz Lemmon’s dating disasters or every single second of Madeline Khan in Blazing Saddles, funny girls are the ideal meld of beauty and brains. With bold angles and fearless personality, The Punchline nails home your message with class.

These, ladies and mom, are the lucky winners. “Punchline” in Neapolitan. Perfectly named.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.58.58 PM


Photo courtesy of Rivets and Sway

I’m going to overlook the misspelling of Lemon for now—something a quick google search could have solved, I might add. Because the truth is that these glasses, this acrylic, inanimate object, speaks to my very soul. I’m not just correcting my vision with style, I’m signing up for a life of quirky but classy antics as expressed by the greats. Babs, herself!

And that, is the sign of good copywriting. I may have exaggerated my excitement, but I can’t say this enough: brands that sell a lifestyle or a memorable experience always seal the deal for me. Sure, there are features and benefits on the website. But I haven’t even read them. And I won’t until the last stage of ordering. The story is all that matters. Hat tip to Rivets and Sway for telling a story that struck a chord. You sure know your audience.

Clip Art

The product of lengthy phone calls.

Clip Art

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.09.54 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.08.01 PM

American Kernel Club

Best In Show at the American Kernel Club

Pop Dog

Today’s Sexist Car Ad

Time to retire, Kate Upton. You’re no longer needed to make sexist car commercials. TRUECar.com will take it from here.

TRUECar.com, “an information and technology platform that enables its users to communicate with TrueCar Certified Dealers for a hassle-free car-buying experience,” is currently running the following TV spot (see video). If you don’t want to watch the whole :30, I’ll break it down for you. The ad shows how TRUECar makes buying a car easy. Which is great! Except that every car buyer in this commercial is a woman. Who now, thanks to TRUECar, has the confidence to go in by herself and purchase a car—no dudes necessary!

It sounds bad at first, but it’s really not TRUECar’s fault. It’s just a fact. As frail, naïve creatures, we women can’t handle the stress and anxiety of having to negotiate a car deal. Thank you, TRUECar, for addressing the plight of women everywhere. We can now throw down our aprons in unison and march up to those tricksy car salesmen with all the confidence of a man.

10 reasons this snowstorm isn’t *that* bad

Ok, it’s kind of terrible that we’re getting snow in Minneapolis right now. But, why complain? There are plenty of reasons that this isn’t the worst day ever. Here are ten to consider.


1. You didn’t get a chance to clear out your winter tea collection yet. Might as well start up a kettle of Cinnamon, Maharaja Chai or maybe even (don’t hate me) the holiday special edition one. You’ll regret throwing them away while you clean our your cupboard next fall, trust me.

2. You’ll love summer that much more.

3. You can squeeze in one more chance to wear your new boots. The ones you got during the winter sale. Because retailers thought winter was over. How silly. 

4. Your normal evening walk is the best.day.ever. for your snow-loving pup. 


5. Three small, but beautiful, words: “working from home.” Hello, sweatpants.

6. You’ll back on this day fondly while complaining about the muggy July heat.  Remember when you wore a winter hat to the Twins game? Yeah, me neither.

7.  Sweater weather. There’s a reason the Neighbourhood wrote a song about it. 

8. You’re Minnesotan, gol-dang-it. You walked 12 miles to school on days much worse than this, and look how you turned out. (You’re right, probably time to move.)

9. Your instagram feed could use the refresh. I can’t be the only one sick of leather headbands and heart-shaped sunglasses, courtesy of Coachella. That crazy snow photo really spiced things up. 

10. It will melt. Maybe not tonight, but definitely tomorrow. And then we’ll have flowers and allergies and mosquitos and sunburn. Is that what you want?! Huh?

But seriously, it will melt. So pop in South Pacific or Elfyour choice—and take it all in. Can I get you a spot of tea?